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Too Many Gods

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Maybe we need to evaluate our possessions, pursuits and priorities. If material goods, or the desire for prestige and power have us entangled in serving little gods, let’s clean house.-Debbie

Too Many Gods

How many gods do we have? Are we nudging the one true God over to worship other things?

In 2 Kings, chapter 17, the Assyrians moved their idols over to make room for the God of the Israelites. The story goes like this. The king of Assyria captured the Israelites, relocated them to Assyria, then brought his own people into the land of the Israelites - Samaria.

The frightened Assyrian king quickly delivered a priest from Israel to teach his people how to serve the god of the land. Tragically, this priest hadn’t taught his own people to fear the Lord. How would he teach the enemy? The result - the one true God was added to a host of many gods.

How can we recognize if we are serving other gods? Let’s take a look at two areas of our homes where we might find idols. Check out Jeff’s post, What’s Your House Made Of? for two other rooms with little gods.

The Kitchen - We always encourage family meals. Hectic, diverse schedules prevent eating every meal together. However, most couples and families can sit down together several times a week, if not once a day, simply talking and sharing as they eat. Don’t forget a prayer of thankfulness each time.

Relationships trump busyness.

This is imperative if we hope to have a healthy, enjoyable marriage.

Is this difficult? What stands in the way? Are there outside influences seizing available time? Does technology have a seat at the table? Are there meals even at the table?

The enemy disguises idols all through our homes and lives. If technology or insane schedules prevent family meal time, he could be diverting attention from relationships to idols. It’s never too late to have an important conversation together identifying areas of needed change. We encourage you to slow down and breathe. Fellowship around the table was common throughout the Bible. It’s a good example to follow.

The Bedroom - What does your bedroom look like? I’m not so interested in the decor as I am the peaceful atmosphere it brings. Is it an enjoyable escape for the two of you after a long day of doing life? Are there little ones running around preventing needed intimate time with your spouse? Is there anything welcome in your bedroom that, as Christians, shouldn’t be present?

When I was in high school, a couple I babysat for had one bedroom wall lined

with pornographic magazines. Shortly after Jeff and I were married, a couple in our church promoted using the same type material to enhance intimacy. If you are buying into this concept, the enemy has handed you a dangerous, destructive idol.

Let me be a little personal. What goes on in your bed? Are you playing video games, watching TV, working, or making room for the kids? None of this is necessarily wrong in moderation, but everyone needs boundaries. If any of these distractions (and yes, kids can be a distraction) are keeping you from regular intimate time with your spouse, the enemy has handed you another idol. In fact, he might have convinced you to use these distractions in order to keep sex out of your marriage. He knows if he can hinder your oneness through intimacy, he can weaken and damage your union. Stop him immediately! This is not the picture you painted when you said your “I do’s.”

Understand, there is no condemnation from here. Most all of us have faced various idols in the bedroom at least once in our marriage. But we do have a responsibility to recognize them and clean them out once again. God honors our willingness to repair bad choices. Thank goodness!

Now, let’s put good things in the bedroom. Of course, intimacy needs to be included. I’ve always heard lack of sex in the marriage is a sign of other issues. If needed, have conversations soon. But just as important as sexual intimacy, is spiritual intimacy. Jeff and I encourage you to pray together every night if possible. Pray aloud. Pray from your heart. You’ll grow deeper together than you ever imagined. That will get the enemy out of your room! Take back the sexual and spiritual intimacy God created for marriage!

If you study the history of Israel, you’ll find the reason for the invasion of Assyria was because the Israelites failed to walk in the commandments given to them by the Lord their God. The Law was made clear to them throughout the generations, along with the blessings that would follow from their obedience.

Unfortunately, God’s children veered so off course, they lost blessings, His protection and their homeland.

Maybe we need to evaluate our possessions, pursuits and priorities. If material goods, or the desire for prestige and power have us entangled in serving little gods, let’s clean house. It’s not too late to re-assign the value we place upon things and self-image.

We do not want to resemble the Israelites. We need an intimate, rich relationship with God. Let’s make Him the only god in our homes and lives.

Get out the broom and start cleaning house today!

Seeking the Word,


"Strengthen me according to Your Word."

Psalm 119:28b

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