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Meet Jeff & Debbie


Jeff caught Debbie’s eye and heart at a collegiate retreat at only 18. They dated all
through college, but knew from the beginning there was something special about their
relationship. That something special was their love for the Lord and ministry. Two
weeks after graduation, they were married.

They have now served together for over thirty years in the local church, much of that
time serving as staff members. However, it was many years into their marriage before
they truly understood God’s meaning of a covenant marriage. Thankfully, God had a
plan. Once they chose God’s direction for their marriage, letting go of selfish actions,
attitudes, and words, they knew it was time to share with others. They are continually
amazed at how God opens their eyes as they read His Word, revealing new ways to apply
scripture to marriage relationships.

Jeff and Debbie have now enjoyed years of counseling, coaching and teaching couples
what the vows, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health really
mean! They have experienced all six scenarios, but are more in love than ever, and are
in it til’ death do us part!
They have a passion for helping marriages and families thrive. They know from experience
God wants husbands and wives to work together, stay together, and love being

Jeff and Debbie live in Jackson, Tennessee, where they enjoy living close to their children 

and four granddaughters. 


The greatest marriages allow His Word to be their guide.

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